Create Memorable Marketing

Smart marketing helps your startup survive through difficult odds. Traditional advertising strategies are not sufficient to turn your startup into something big. You need to come up with ways which quickly align customers with your vision and efforts.

WordPress helps your brand get appropriate exposure and an incredible online reputation. No matter how brilliant your startup idea is, if you’re not marketing it well, all efforts are in vain. I broadly categorize marketing techniques with WordPress in five key types.

Content Marketing

This is what WordPress is built for. You should blog – not only for pitching new ideas but also as a primary source for communicating and getting feedback from your customers.

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

Due to it’s immense popularity, Google has made some fruitful alterations in it’s search algorithms and has preferred WordPress websites when it comes to SEO. Startups can create content and plugins like Yoast help them rank very well.

Email Marketing

The fact is that this kind of marketing converts better than anything else. WordPress can run sophisticated email campaigns quite efficiently. MailChimp For WP auto responds and collects your email subscriptions in ordered lists. The plugin is best for your startup as it’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers. And if you want to have more control, try something like Mailster.

Social Media Marketing

The social media landscape is getting enormous and is here to stay. Your startup can get the most out of it by building social outposts on major social networks with plugins like Jetpack. You can regularly monitor site stats, maintain a commenting platform which quickly gets integrated with Facebook, Twitter, etc. In a few clicks, your latest Tweets and the Facebook page gets embedded to the sidebar. There are 1000+ other social plugins to choose from.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliates, you can promote your digital products from any part of the globe. This is excellent chance to drive new visitors toward other products with higher profit margins and earn insanely high affiliate rates. Take a look at AffiliateWP.

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